9 Apr

It’s a MarTech World – You Should Be Here

I recently met someone on a Twitter Chat where who inspired me. His name is Matt LaCasse and he is a fellow content marketer. There was a lot of talk on the Twitter Chat about this term “MarTech,” which stands for marketing technology. I found Matt’s viewpoints particularly interesting and instantly knew this was a guy I had to have a deeper conversation with. MarTech is a term many of us don’t hear enough of yet as marketers utilize what it is every day. Today I had the pleasure of picking Matt’s brain on how as marketers, we could step up our game with utilizing MarTech to drive brand awareness and generate leads. Matt also highlights some valuable MarTech we should look into and shares his predictions on the future of MarTech.

ME: How would you define MarTech?

Matt: I’d define it as any tool that helps advance your marketing goals. That ranges from HootSuite and TweetDeck to SproutSocial, Simply Measured, HubSpot, etc. There are tools being built and used every day that make our jobs easier to manage and get in touch with our audiences more efficiently.

ME: How long have you been in the MarTech world?

Matt: I’ve been in marketing since 2009. I feel like you can’t be a part of the marketing world and not pay attention to MarTech. Every marketer worth their salt is using marketing technology every day. Even if that’s just an Excel spreadsheet.

ME: Why should marketers care about MarTech and what advice can you give business owners and markMatt LaCasse Quote Marketing Technologyeters on using MarTech to create brand awareness and generate leads?

Matt: Marketers need to care about the tools around them because they CAN make their job much easier to manage. Take, for example, Facebook Ads reports. With that tool, you can measure exactly how your dollars are performing for you. It makes your job much easier to say to the C-Suite, “Hey look! You gave me $1,000 to spend and I made you $3,000! How about a budget increase?! And a raise! Perhaps a tropical island vacation on the company dime!?”.

As for how to create brand awareness and generate leads, it depends on the tool. Make sure whatever tool you’re looking at will help you achieve your goals. It’s impossible to paint a broad brush stroke and say how MarTech will grow your business because MarTech is a rich ecosystem. Just look at the App Store or Google Play.

Really, the only danger of relying on the tools available to us is assuming they’ll do the work for you. All tools need to be viewed as exactly that. Tools. Not solutions. Solutions are what you as a marketer develop from USING these tools. Don’t fall into the trap of letting the machine do the work.

ME: What are some of your favorite technology tools and why?

Matt: I talked about one already in Facebook Ads. It’s probably my favorite tool on the Internet. Generally speaking, I like tools that make it easy to measure things. Quill Engage is a neat tool that will take your monthly Google Analytics reports and turn them into plain English (make sure you’re looking at GA yourself and NOT just relying on this report. An example of the danger I referenced earlier). Measuring things makes it easy to report on your success and failures. Pinpointing both just end up making a better product in the long run.

ME: What do you see as the future of MarTech?

Matt: It’s already a niche world, and it will continue to grow in that direction. People are building things every day that solve annoying problems and they’re turning around and selling that tool to other people to solve their annoying problems. Thankfully, it’s doubtful the world will ever run out of annoying problems and the MarTech industry will benefit from the creativity that arises as a result.


Follow Matt on Twitter. He’s awesome.

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