25 Mar

Landing Pages Vs. Blog Posts: Differences & Writing Tips

I started graduate school this week and as part of it am in the process of learning a whole new writing style, which needless to say is keeping me very busy, so I’m going to keep this week’s entry short and sweet.

One of the first things I had to learn as an Internet Marketer was the difference between a landing page and blog post and how to write for each. This is something that I find myself teaching new writers over and over. While it may be taught it schools now, it certainly was not when I was an ungrad!

A landing page is a page on a website that is not typically timely or updated often. It’s THE place to showcase a company’s products and services. Keep your copy concise and get straight to the action you want readers to take when writing landing page copy.

Blog posts on the other hand are articles that when done right, are more personable, marked with a date, and tagged with an author. A blog is not the place for a direct sales pitch. In many cases, a blog serves as an online journal, be it your own personal online journal or a journal for your business. When writing blog posts, let your voice shine through. Write how you talk and leave the business writing at the door.

There are several types of landing pages. The ones that I feel are most common include:

  • Product listing pages. Here’s my product, here’s what it offers, here’s how to buy it.
  • Homepage. The introduction page.
  • Lead capture pages. These pages are there to get you to do one thing – give the business your information. It’s likely you’ve been on them before – they offer to give you something in exchange for your contact information, usual some kind of free download.

With both landing pages and blog posts for business, you’ll want to consider search engine optimization elements to help your content get found. Choose one or two keywords that your content will be about and naturally, blend them into your copy. If it makes sense for the reader, add those keywords to your title tag, URL, and meta description. You may be thinking … what’s a title tag, what’s a meta description? A title tag is a snippet of code that comes up on a search engine results page. A meta description is copy that tells search engines and humans what your page is about. A web developer or anyone who has basic coding knowledge can help you implement these.

Landing Page Meta

With both types of pages, you want to inform and educate readers.

It’s okay to sound ‘salesy’ in landing page copy. Close with a call to action to maximize your conversions.

In writing blog posts, consider what is shareable – what you can do to provide value to readers. Put readers and relationships first and sales last.

For Your Inspiration

Some of my go-to businesses for landing page and blog post inspiration:

Take a look at how the pros over at those companies get things done and if you need further explanations, contact me anytime.


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4 thoughts on “Landing Pages Vs. Blog Posts: Differences & Writing Tips

  1. Great post, Marisa! Definitely good for the beginners. I would also mention Squeeze Pages as one of the types of landing pages. I always like to explain that blog posts should be pure and not promotional. Either educational or a story. I like to break up company blogs into categories and have one that’s like a journal. From the CEO or something like that. Or call it the Coffee Shop and have journal style entries and motivational things.

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